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Why Rock Dog?


When you think of dog grooming, what do you think of? 


Like most people, we don't like walking into a smelly and noisy grooming facility and trusting that this business will do a good job on our pups.  If their building stinks, how can your pup possibly smell good leaving there?  That's where we come in.

Just like you, we don't like that either.  At Rock Dog, what you get is so much different.

When you walk in, rather than smelling like a dog pound, you will be greeted with the aroma of fresh coffee brewing.  You also notice that there's not tons of barking dogs.  We accomplish that a few ways.  First, we provide a calming environment for the pups to help reduce stress. Second, we are not a boarding facility, so each pup is only at our facility for a few hours.  They come in, get their pampering, and head back home, where they are the most happy.  

You pick up a happy, clean smelling pup that's relaxed, yet still happy to go home.

To some, your dog is a part of your family.  So entrusting us with their wellbeing is something we don't take lightly.  We understand the trust you put in us, so we take every step possible to provide world-class care to you and your pup.

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What Our Clients Say

Jamie and her team are the best! My dog always comes back looking and smelling amazing. I wouldn't trust anyone else with his grooming.


Image by Brooke Cagle
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