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Where It All Began


A Dog of a Different Color

In 2013 we realized that the dog grooming in Arkansas can and should be better.  From the customer service and environment, to how your dogs are treated and the quality of grooms they receive, there was a better way.

After understanding every possible improvement that could and should be made, we started a little shop in Batesville, Arkansas call Bleu Dog.  Bleu Dog was to be everything that every other groomer was not.  And guess what, it worked!  Almost instantly our businesses was a success.   

People didn't bring their dogs to us because of the price.  They brought their dogs to us because they were treated with kindness and respect, the facility was clean, so much so that it smelled like a coffee shop.  They also were offered complete transparency.  Pet parents could see the grooming process firsthand.  We've always felt that you should be able to tour every area of a groom shop before choosing to take your pup there.

After a few years of success, we chose to sell Bleu Dog and move out of the Batesville area.

In 2019 we decided to launch Hidden Willow, a grooming shop built on everything we had learned from building up a massively successful groomer in Batesville.  Hidden Willow opened in Beebe, Arkansas with the same core design of Bleu Dog.  And to no surprise, it was incredibly successful. . . for about 9 months.  And then Covid hit.  Unfortunately, with the conditions brought on by Covid in 2020, we were forced to close shop.  

It's Time.

Over the last 10 years we had a dream.  What if we took what worked and magnified it?  A luxury facility in a luxury neighborhood, offering services that no one else around offers.  What if we found the best of the best groomers around?  What if you were greeted with a smile, a cup of coffee (if you'd like), and service for your pup that is unmatched.

That dream is about to become a reality.

We are excited to take the heart of Bleu Dog and bring it to West Little Rock, and introduce you to the best thing to happen to dogs since a tennis ball. . . Rock Dog.

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