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Our Services

Not all dog groomers are the same.  Rock Dog focuses on high quality, trendy, dog styles in a clean, world-class environment.  Take a look at our services and then give us a call to get your appointment scheduled!

"The Rock Star"

The Rock Star includes any breed specific or trendy hairstyle for your pup, as well as all the Roadie (Bath service) features.

"The Roadie"

For those pups who need a day to clean up and unwind, it's time for a Roadie.  This service includes a bath with the best shampoos money can buy, including whitening shampoo when needed,  Nail Trim or Dremel, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Luxury Skin Sensitive Cologne, and a Bandana or Bow

"The Opener" 

If you're not ready to be a Rock Star, The Opener is for those pups who just need a little trim up around the feet, face, and sanitary areas, but still want all The Roadie (Bath service) features.

"The Show Stopper"

From a little splash of color to a full body color creative design, our team of master artists are available to make your pup stand out for a party, event, or photoshoot.  


Want to add even more luxury to your pups stay?  Why not take advantage of our specialized Rock Dog services?

DeShed Packages

Tired of all the dog hair in your house and on your clothes?  With regular Rock Dog DeShed treatments, you can see up to an 80% reduction in shedding with consistent applications.

Flea & Tick Services

Is your pup covered with fleas or ticks? Our Flea and Tick services can help kill off all those pests off your pup.  

*Note: This is not a preventative treatment.  For constant prevention we encourage you to speak with your Vet about prevention methods.

Tinsel and Feathers

Want a little flare added to your pups groom? We can add tinsel or feathers of any color to your pups ears.  They will stand out and when it's time to remove them, it's quick and easy.

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